Channing Boucher


Crested Butte means different things to different people. We are a little off the beaten path when compared to the “rest area” resorts on I-70 but the trip down south is worth it. In the summer you can explore hundreds of miles of the best mountain bike singletrack in the wildflower capital of Colorado, while the winter offers thousands of acres of national forest for ski touring or snowmobiling. You will never find a lift line and traffic means too many rafts and kayaks on one of the local rivers or fisherman in your favorite hole. The Gunnison Valley is conducive to an active lifestyle, which for locals, is a tight balance between work and play that lends itself to a lot of half finished “to do” lists. For Tourists here on a limited stay, efficient use of time is a must. The combination of lifestyle and the demand for up-to-date weather and outdoor information was the catalyst for the creation and development of Crested Butte Television. For the last 15 years, CBTV10 has been providing local television to the Gunnison Valley community. Our staff is comprised of local residents and outdoor enthusiasts which explains our commitment to providing information that allows both visitors and locals to get the most out of every day. Our affiliation with RSN and ESProductions allows for a full day of adventure television from a 2 hour morning show providing weather and outdoor reports to a 90 minute movie feature every night. With 10 years of experience, this is the only local weather report originating from Crested Butte and focusing solely on the variable weather conditions that exist at the base of the continental divide. Whether you are scaling the face of a local 14er or windsurfing on Blue Mesa Reservoir, Colorado’s largest body of water, you will find the information that you need to make your adventure safe and complete. Tune in for the morning show for community issues from weather to local politics and stick around for a full day of adventure programming.